B&J Roofing has been Puget Sound's trusted, go-to Roof Repair specialist since 1976.

A certified SELECT ShingleMaster and chosen Roof Repair Seattle contractor, B&J Roofing understands that a family's home is their most important asset. More than just the primitive sheltering of the cold, it's the space a family comes together to collaborate and co-create the American Dream. Memories are made there, feasts, festivals, laughter. B&J Roofing gets that the home is the heart of who family is.

And so, our company, as Pugent Sound's premiere Roof Repair Seattle team, would like to provide you with the peace of mind, comfort and solid security that comes with having a top quality roof over your head that you can trust. Thirty years and thousands of homes later, B&J Roofing stands tall by their word, their work, and their client's and customer's ultimate satisfaction as the top choice in the Roof Repair industry.

  • Committed to quality and your 100% satisfaction. We stand by our work and our word as top notch Roof Repair people.
  • Fully insured.
  • Licensed and bonded.
  • Current and good in standing with all Roof Repair material suppliers in Seattle and across the nation.
  • Knowledgeable Roof Repair Seattle office staff, work crews and craftsmen. B&J Roofing guarantees our the work because we guarantee the experience of our employees. From the most tenured to the freshest contractor, we choose the build in the field, consistent with the high quality service we're known for and committed to.
  • Full time Roof Repair installers with competitive wages and excellent benefits.
  • No subcontracted roofing crews.
  • 20 year workmanship warranty on every complete reroof, covering against leaks, one time transferable.

As a Roof Repair Seattle specialist, B&J Roofing works with a variety of compositions and roofing products, all of which are major brands. Your estimator should have product brochures and samples to help you come to the best conclusion and option for your home. Some of the manufacturers we use are provided her for your presusal. Just click on their link and a new tab will open for you: